Who moved my che(e)s(s/e)?

Who Moved My Cheese? was a popular management book in the 1990s. In this book, a kindly manager (played if my unreliable memory serves by a smelly fat rat) explains to dimwitted mice (who symbolize the not-so-dimwitted people who actually do the work) that corporate downsizing is a Very Good Thing, and that one can get used to doing the work of three mice, because a morsel of cheese every two weeks is better than none.

But I ramble....

I will admit that the book does have one valid point: change is inevitable.

We are migrating our registration to Bill Buklis's King Registration, which uses any payment processor as long as it's PayPal.

Some of you nice people registered for next weekend's events on our Squarespace e-commerce site, which processes through Stripe. We are still processing our memberships and (don't laugh) prepaid UIC parking vouchers through Stripe.

I *think* I have manually entered all of the Squarespace transactions into King Registration. But it couldn't hurt for you to confirm that I've put you in the right section....

I *know* that there was a problem with next week's Rated Beginners' Open registration (there is a RBO on Saturday 10/28 and another on Sunday 10/29), I believe that is all fixed now.

And we've just posted our calendar for the remainder of 2017 on our website at http://www.chichess.org/events. It should be up on the ICA calendar when Maret has a chance to do so.

If you catch any mistakes we (most likely I) have made, please drop a line to info@chichess.org. It would be most appreciated!


Field Report - RBO #9 and Autumn Blitz

Zhaozhi (George) Li ran away with the $100 top prize in the Autumn Blitz, scoring 16/18, 2½ points (!!) ahead of Sam Schmakel & Gopal Menon. IM Eric Rosen, Matthew Stevens, and Nikhil Kalghatgi were even further back at 12 points. I've known that George was a strong blitz player for years, but I did not think he was capable of such a result against this field.

Tom Bareket won $75 for top U2000 and Ricky Roman $75 for top U1600.

The team blitz was almost as lopsided. Whitney Young Forever (headed by Li, Matthew Stevens, and Nikhil Kalghatgi), took top team honors of $200, ahead of Low Expected Outcome (Menon, Rosen, and Aakaash Meduri), who pocketed $150, and and Jimijon's (Schmakel, Jonathan Kogen, and Jimi Akintonde), who earned $100.

Team Bareket (Tom Bareket, Richard Zhang, Adam Bareket) won three clocks for best Scholastic Team.

Here's the crosstable: http://www.uschess.org/msa/XtblMain.php?201709307642

Christopher Kirilov Sakaliysky swept the Under 1200 section of Rated Beginners' Open #9 with a 5-0 score. Jason Barrette and Adam Lee Gardner tied for second with 4-1 each.

Aaron Cho may never play in an Under 800 section again: his provisional rating after going 5-0 is now 975. Paul Dubiel took clear second with 3½, and Aya Bareket took third with 3 points.

Here's the crosstable: http://www.uschess.org/msa/XtblMain.php?201709307562.0

TD Maret Thorpe also got to be a house player in one late round of the Blitz. She lost her first game, but took rapid revenge:

We had 78 players and lots of supportive parents: fun day!

Preregistration for Sunday's Interval Training #3

Compared to Saturday's wonderful mob playing chess at breakneck speed (game/30 was the "leisurely" room), Sunday's just-for-fun-glory-and-Elo event is game/60 with a thirty-second increment.

And the crowd will be small: I don't expect more than 25. Still plenty of time to enter: onsite entry is $25. If playing the full day doesn't fit into your schedule, you can take a bye in any round(s).

We will have plenty of room, so if folks want to drop by for skittles & conversation, they're welcome to do so!