City of Chicago results

...or should I say "sort of final results"? We had several international players in this event, which is great, and which creates some minor issues posting results to MSA. Maret has the files done & ready to submit....which will probably be done by early tomorrow.afternoon.

UPDATE Saturday, November 4: As promised, Maret had both the FIDE event and the other class sections US Chess rated. Here they are:



In the Open Section, IM Eric Rosen and NM Aakaash Meduri tied for first and split the $1,000 first prize and the $500 second prize. GM Dmitry Gurevich and FM Mauro Ampie (Nicaragua's #1 player!) each won $250 for sharing third and fourth.

IM Angelo Young and Anupama Rajendra shared the Under 2300 prize ($400 first, $250 second), winning $325 each.

Maret gave me the full Open crosstable: who knows what I did with that.

Here's a link (pdf) to the full crosstables and the prizewinners of the various sections.

Thanks for making this a fun and successful event!