Results, 1st Haymarket Memorial!

International Master Angelo Young (2377) won the Chicago Chess Center's 1st Haymarket Memorial with a score of 3½-½, taking home $829.55.  Senior Master Robert Perez  (2447), who lost to Young, tied for second with Under 2300 prizewinners Aakaash Meduri (2122) and Robby Hecht (2112), all with 3-1 scores. Hecht won a marvelous upset against Grandmaster Dmitry Gurevich (2523) in round 2. Dmitry generously provided light notes to that game.

Aamir Ansari (1847) and Si Li (1594!) each took home $290.35 for winning the Under 2000 section: Li's great performance added the Under 1800 prize to the pot.

Adam Kent Cheknis (1548) and Monish Bhasin (1501) won the Under 1600 section with undefeated 3½-½ scores, pocketing $248.87 each.

In addition to splitting second place in the Under 2000 section with her 3-1 score, Amarjargal Ganbaatar (1961) won the $150 Cindy Berry Memorial prize as top woman finisher in all sections, ahead of Megan Chen (1530) and Natalie Wisniowski (1471).

The general prize fund was $5,000 based on 88 players. We actuall paid out $4,147.81 based on 73 players. In addition, the $300 Cindy Berry Memorial prizes, donated by the Vince and Cindy Berry Family Fund, were unconditionally guaranteed.

Cindy Berry Memorial prizewinner Amarjargal Ganbaatar.

Cindy Berry Memorial prizewinner Amarjargal Ganbaatar.

Special thanks to Ani Emrikian for delicious baked goods that were exchanged for a different kind of dough, to Ron Logan and Vince Berry for wise counsel, and to the players themselves for bearing with a thirty-minute delay on Saturday morning (totally attributable to the CCC organizer, who shall remain nameless to protect Bill Brock's safety). Tournament director Bill Buklis directed in his typical smooth fashion.

Here's a link to the crosstable for all sections.

A full list of prizewinners follows.