IM Atulya Shetty wins Plus-Score #12, retrieves jacket

International Master Atulya Shetty (2523) went 4-0 to win $240 in the Chicago Chess Center's mellifluously-named Pre-Opening Plus-Score #12, held July 22nd at the University of Illinois at Chicago's Student Center East. Shetty was doubly lucky: in Round 3, he somehow won a dead-lost position (later a dead-drawn position) against NM Tam Nguyen. And after Round 4, Shetty retrieved the jacket he had forgotten, to the consternation of his mother, after having won May's Plus-Score #9.

Senior Master Zhaozhi Li (2429) took clear second with 3½ points, earning $120. His only draw was with fellow Senior Master Robert Perez (2488), who had slept in the airport overnight and came directly to the tournament from O'Hare. Four players tied for third and won $80 each: Perez, NMs Michael Auger and Steve Szpisjak, and Expert Nikhil Kalghatgi. Seven players won $40 each: Senior Master Alexander Velikanov, Expert Aknil Kalghtagi (who upset Velikanov in Round 2), NM Zane Eisen, Experts Aakaash Meduri and Derek Paitrick, and Class A players Charles Coffman and Mohamed Lofit.

The Under 1700 Section was won by Ekansha Mehrotra with 3½ points. Mehrotra began the event with a rating of only 1239! Bret O'Brien won clear second and $40 for  3 points, while Deepak Salian, Malik Brewley, Chris Hinkle, Yuvraj Chennareddy, and Andres Celis all won $20 for their 2½-1½ scores.

National Tournament Director Betsy Zacate ably ran the 50-player event, assisted by Bill Brock.

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