Jason Shi wins 2nd consecUtive Rated Beginners' Open

Young Jason Shi went 5-0 to win the Chicago Chess Center's Rated Beginners' Open #8, held July 22nd at the Student Center East of the University of Illinois at Chicago. I'm not sure how old Jason is, but he was playing in the Kindergarten-3rd Grade section of Michigan scholastic events last fall! Jason added a second DGT North American chess clock to his collection, as well as Miguel Najdorf's book on the legendary Zurich 1953 Candidates' Tournament.

Five  players tied for second with 4-1: Jonathan Silverstein (1344 provisional!), Ronald Gil Arreola (1205 provisional), Thomas Segreto, Andy Cao, and Saad Ahmed. Thomas Czaja and Josephine Swan posted excellent 3½-1½ scores.

Bill Brock and National Tournament Director Betsy Zacate directed the 34-player field.

Crosstables are here!