Would you like to teach chess this academic year?

Fall will be here soon enough. The Chicago Chess Center has been quietly teaching in Chicago schools, sometimes as volunteers, and, for the past three years, as paid instructors in full-year programs.

New schools are reaching out to us: our goal is not to add as many schools as possible, but to add a few select schools and maintain a quality program for the students.

Are you an experienced chess player? Can you provide references in the chess community?

Do you enjoy working with young children? Do you have experience in elementary and secondary education?

Do you believe in our nonprofit mission? 

Drop us a line at info@chichess.org: résumés strongly preferred.

Because we are a nonprofit, we want to make our compensation structure transparent. All instructors will be paid as W-2 employees, and will receive well over half of what we receive as a fee from the school.  As we'll be paying folks as employees, we'd also pick up the 7.65% in employer payroll taxes.  Chicago Chess Center keeps the remainder to cover its administrative costs and to support our other program services.

In most cases, the hourly rate will sound very attractive. But don't forget transit time to and from the lesson. And the schools who hire us expect the instructors to be as reliable as their teachers. My personal experience (I was a volunteer instructor during 2016-17): a one-hour lesson can soak up three hours of your week. Scheduling back-to-back lessons is ideal, but it's not always practical.

It's better to think of chess instruction as a way to give back to your community and receive an honorarium for taking time away from your other work and your family.