Jason Shi wins Rated Beginners' Open #6

Thirty-two players played in the Chicago Chess Center's Rated Beginners' Open #6 at UIC's Student Center East. Jason Shi (1169) took clear first with a perfect 5-0 and is no longer a beginner: his post-event rating is 1242! Four players tied for second with 4-1 Andres Mauricio Celis, Ronald Gil Areeola,  Noah Tilton, and Dansen Wang. Celis's provisional post-event rating is 1269 based on 8 games.

Out of the winners' circle, but with very respectable 3½-1½ scores, were Edgar Bering IV and Dustin Stump. Jason Barrette was among the 3-2 finishes, but was playing on top boards throughout the event, and finished with a post-event rating of 1195.

Here is the full tournament crosstable. For those of you who are new to US Chess's Member Services Area (MSA for short), be sure to click on your name in the crosstables. As you play in more tournaments, you'll be able to track your progress. For example, it took Fabiano Caruana a few dozen tournaments to break 1000!

All the participants received a chess book of their choice, with extra books to the top finishers and a chess clock for first place.

Bill Brock directed for Chicago Chess Center. Special thanks to Bill Smythe & Maret Thorpe (yet again) for their help throughout the day!