August 12th: 69 preregistered for tomorrow's events!

UPDATE: make that 82. I'm not counting the brothers who just missed the preregistration cutoff....

If you're reading this, please bring set, board, and clock, just in case. I doubt that turnout will break 100, but you never know!

Saturday's Pre-Opening Plus-Score #13 will have two sections. The top-rated player in the Open Section is Senior Master Alexander Velikanov.

We are NOT charging players under 1700 extra to play up in the Open Section. (We'll start doing this again in the fall.)

The Rated Beginners' Open #8 is NOT SOLD OUT. (Some folks received a "sold out" message this afternoon...sorry about that.) We have added some additional slots!

We provide the sets, boards, and clocks....up to 80 players. There's more than a slight chance that we'll be short a few sets & clocks. If a few of you would be so kind as to bring your own, we'll be covered.

Here's the list as of just before midnight....