Preregistrations for Blitz & Rated Beginners' Open tomorrow

Still time to enter both events! They will be held in separate rooms, and we have plenty of room for players.

Enter tomorrow's Rated Beginners' Open #9 here:

Enter tomorrow's Autumn Blitz here:

Here are the preregistrants ast of 6 p.m.: I'll update later tonight:

The blitz has a powerful field, with 27 players so far: "Jimijonsamwich" and "Whitney Young Forever" look like strong teams on paper. And there are some very attractive free agents! (Maybe not Kyrie Irving attractive, but strong enough to help you win a title.)

You don't need to have a team to play in the blitz (but of course, that makes it more fun). We'll help you join a team (top three scores count, maximum four players) if you don't have one.

Autumn Blitz preregistrants as of 6 p.m.

Autumn Blitz preregistrants as of 6 p.m.


And we have 26 players in the Rated Beginners' Open: