2nd Jane Addams Memorial - results!

Grandmaster Dmitry Gurevich of Chicago won the 2nd Jane Addams Memorial, held at the University of Illinois Chicago on January 18-20, with an undefeated score of 4½-½. IM Erik Santarius of Brookfield, Wisconsin, was also undefeated, and took clear second with 4-1. Wisconsin master Zane Eisen and future Wisconsin master Susannah Ulrich shared both third place and the top Under 2300 honors.

Alan Wei of Naperville won the Under 2100 section with the Swiss Gambit, losing to second-place finisher Amarjargal Ganbaatar in round 1, then sweeping his final four games.

Manmit Pantle of Naperville, with a FIDE rating of only 1720, won the Under 1900 section comfortably with four wins and a last-round draw to clinch.

Kevin Oliver and Chicago Chess Center board member Jingwei Lou, both of Chicago, shared top honors in the Under 1700 section with 4-1 scores.

Andrew Granato of Chicago had the only perfect score of the weekend: his 6-0 in the Under 1500 section lapped the field by two full points.

Louisa Zhang of Lisle split her second-round game with Aaron Deets and won her other games to finish ½-point ahead of Deets in the Under 1300 section.

Benjamin Buchwald of Lincolnshire and Matthew Sweet of Chicago shared top honors in the U1000 section with 4-2 scores.

Follow this link to see the full crosstable for the Hull House Open:.


And here are the crosstables for the other sections of the Jane Addams:


Friday night’s storm created a logistical challenge, as seventeen players withdrew, many of them (understandably) at the last minute. The snow accumulation in the city was never that bad. But driving was treacherous both Friday night and Saturday morning, and many suburbs got hit hard. Thanks to National Tournament Directors Glenn Panner and Betsy Zacate, we were able to start Round 1 with minimal delay. Special thanks to them for running a smooth event under difficult conditions, and to the 87 players who braved the snow and the cold!

We paid out $6,513.34 in prizes. A full list of prizewinners follows.

I will post games from the tournament later this week. Here’s a funny appetizer that demonstrates how strong some of our young players are. Jind Kaur (956) almost upset yours truly, Bill Brock (2052), in a side game. Jind was conducting the attack automatically, and I was going deep in the tank trying to defend.

When a horrified Betsy Zacate asked me whether I was ever lost, I said I was never clearly busted. Stockfish seems to disagree:


GM Awonder Liang wins Jane Addams Memorial

Is age 14 too old to be considered a Wunderkind? Or if your first name is Awonder, are you a Wunderkind for your entire life?

Teenaged Grandmaster Awonder Liang of Madison, Wisconsin (born April 9, 2003) won four consecutive games and $1,000 for finishing a full point ahead of the field in the Hull-House Grandmaster section of the Chicago Chess Center's Jane Addams Memorial, held January 27-28 at the University of Illinois at Chicago. 

14-year-old GM Awonder Liang (left) defeated GM Priyadharshan Kannappan in the final round.  (Photo: Hiro Higuchi)

14-year-old GM Awonder Liang (left) defeated GM Priyadharshan Kannappan in the final round. (Photo: Hiro Higuchi)


Grandmasters Vladimir Georgiev, Fidel Corrales Jiménez, Priyadharshan Kannappan, Ashwin Jayaram, and FiDE Master Gauri Shankar all tied for second with 3-1 scores. Tom Polgar-Shultzman (son of former Women's World Champion Susan Polgar), also scored 3-1 and took the Under 2300 prize.

Every one of the lower sections had a clear winner who cashed a check for $508.67:

Agarhhoriol Gangaa won  the Under 2100 section with 3½ points, ahead of Anthony Hung and Nicholas Ladan.

Avi Harrison Kaplan won the Under 1900 Section; William Blackman took clear second, and James Abbott and young Yuvraj Chennareddy (playing up from U1700!) tied for third.

Patrice Connelly swept the Under 1700 Section, a full point ahead of Richard Becker and Adam Elgat.

Moses Khutsafalo (pre-event 1041) won the Under 1500 section with a 6-0 score, two (!) full points head of clear second place finishers Yuri Malina and Dimitrios Deligiannis.

The Under 1300 Section was perhaps the most closely contested: Nandini Prakash lost his first game, then reeled off five wins in a row to take first with 5-1, half a point ahead of Timothy Shortess and David Wright Masse.

It's slightly scary to have an event with over $7,000 in prizes in Chicago in January. Thanks to the 109 entrants for making the inagural Jane Addams Memorial a success!

Bill Buklis and Hiro Higuchi directed for Chicago Chess Center.

More to follow.