Games from Rounds 4, 5, and 6

Standings Thru Rd 7.png

Thanks again to Avant for hosting play on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. The Friday games (rounds 4 and 5) are in the link below, as well as the first Saturday game, Round 6.

Yesterday and today, we are at 400 E. Randolph. It's a hospitality room in a beautiful condominium building that was EAST of Lake Shore Drive until the S-curve was straightened a couple decades ago. It's a more intimate setting, just the right size for our players.

Saturday was the kind of beautiful early spring day meant for golf. Beautiful buildings built in the early 1960s are very good at keeping people warm in winter and cool in summer. But they are not engineered to handle weather surprises, such as an eighty-degree day in early spring.. 

Fortunately, the building management responded quickly, adding powerful fans to cool the room. All the heat in Round 7 came from the games: I'll have those up later today.

Dmitry Gurevich annotates four key games from Round 4-6 below!


Pawn endings: the importance of a tempo

Pawn endings: the importance of a tempo

I posted a link to yesterday's blog post on the Facebook group Chicago Area Chess (you should join if you already haven't) and I asked local instructors how they teach these basic (and not-so-basic) pawn endings. I was honored to get a reply from Grandmaster Mesgen Amanov. I will steal Mesgen's reply for today's post and continue with key squares tomorrow.

Great article Bill,
At the end you ask, "How do you teach these endgames to your students"?