Bradley Summer Open

My second (?) loss to a preteen

OK, I've lost so many tournament games in my life that I need to add more weasel words. In a 1999 Lake County tournament, I lost to Winston Huang, a young student of the late Dick Verber. Winston reacted well to my Ulvestad Variation and reached a drawn rook ending; I overpressed and lost. I don't know how old Winston was in 1999, so possibly this is my third tournament loss to a preteen. If there are still others I missed, I wouldn't be surprised: some of the 14-year-olds who've beaten me have been so mature that I'd assumed they were in college!

I couldn't have reviewed the results of the 747 games I've played since 1992 without consulting Wayne Zimmerle's MSA query tool: you can download it from the Greater Peoria Chess Foundation website. And hey, the game we're about to look at was played in Peoria!