Erik Karklins

Haymarket Preregistrations 4/27 & FAQ #1

As of 9:30 Thursday, counting cash-in-hand entries (and disregarding folks who are PROMISING to enter at the door), we're at 53 right now. Total prize fund without any additional entries or withdrawals would be $2,954 and change. My original back-of-the-envelope prediction was attendance of about 66 players. Looks like we have a good chance to beat that.

Can we get close to the 88 needed to pay out the $5,000- based-on-88-players? No promises, but we've got a shot.

Here's the most frequently-asked question: "Do I have to play both days?" No, you can take byes in any two of the four rounds. If you can't play on Sunday, and you tell us BEFORE YOUR ROUND TWO GAME BEGINS, you can get half-point byes in both Round 3 and Round 4.

If you can't play on Saturday, you could show up Sunday morning (earlier is better: no later than 9:30 a.m., please), and receive half-point byes in Rounds 1 and 2. Bad news: we will still charge the full entry fee. Good news: you will have a chance to win a small prize.

Obviously, if you're playing one day (or two!), your main goal is to play some interesting games.   But you already knew that.... We're a nonprofit: we have cash prizes simply to motivate strong players to take the time to play ambitious players.


Sad news: National Master Erik Karklins, the father of Life Master Andrew Karklins, passed away on April 14th at the age of 102. He was studying chess in the final weeks of his life, and his final illness was brief. Our condolences to Andrew and to the Karklins family.