Illinois Open

Last call: Illinois Open!

I'm off to play in the 2014 Illinois Open at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Northbrook. The state championship starts at noon today, Saturday, August 30. International Angelo Young, who's won the title more times than I can remember (seven? eight?), IM Mateus Bobula, and FM Sam Schmakel are among the top players entered.

But if you're reading this on Saturday, you still have time to play in the phenomenonally strong two-day schedule.  Four grandmasters (Nikola Mitkov, Boris Avrukh, Vladimir Georgiev, and Dmitry Gurevich) will be playing in this section, as will giant-killer NM Gopal Menon. There will be blood! The two schedules merge tomorrow night with Round 4.

Come join us in the two-day section tomorrow: maybe you'll get to play a grandmaster! Online registration for the two-day closes at 6 p.m. today; you can still register onsite for the three-day section before 11:30 a.m. today or for the two-day section before 10:30 a.m. tomorrow.