Maret Thorpe

Field Report - RBO #9 and Autumn Blitz

Zhaozhi (George) Li ran away with the $100 top prize in the Autumn Blitz, scoring 16/18, 2½ points (!!) ahead of Sam Schmakel & Gopal Menon. IM Eric Rosen, Matthew Stevens, and Nikhil Kalghatgi were even further back at 12 points. I've known that George was a strong blitz player for years, but I did not think he was capable of such a result against this field.

Tom Bareket won $75 for top U2000 and Ricky Roman $75 for top U1600.

The team blitz was almost as lopsided. Whitney Young Forever (headed by Li, Matthew Stevens, and Nikhil Kalghatgi), took top team honors of $200, ahead of Low Expected Outcome (Menon, Rosen, and Aakaash Meduri), who pocketed $150, and and Jimijon's (Schmakel, Jonathan Kogen, and Jimi Akintonde), who earned $100.

Team Bareket (Tom Bareket, Richard Zhang, Adam Bareket) won three clocks for best Scholastic Team.

Here's the crosstable:

Christopher Kirilov Sakaliysky swept the Under 1200 section of Rated Beginners' Open #9 with a 5-0 score. Jason Barrette and Adam Lee Gardner tied for second with 4-1 each.

Aaron Cho may never play in an Under 800 section again: his provisional rating after going 5-0 is now 975. Paul Dubiel took clear second with 3½, and Aya Bareket took third with 3 points.

Here's the crosstable:

TD Maret Thorpe also got to be a house player in one late round of the Blitz. She lost her first game, but took rapid revenge:

We had 78 players and lots of supportive parents: fun day!