Smyslov Variation

Bacall and Bogey play chess

Humphrey Bogart was definitely the strongest player among the Hollywood actors: from the games I've seen, I'd guess that he would be around USCF 1800.  When we meet Bogart's Rick Blaine in Casablanca, Rick (Bogey) is contemplating an Exchange sacrifice in the Classical French.  (Get it? French? Sacrifice love for a greater cause?) 
Raymond Chandler was a chess player, too: I read The Long Goodbye a couple months ago, and was fascinated by the chess references. I realized that Chandler was writing not just for Bogart the actor (who did not live to reprise the role of Philip Marlowe), but writing to interest and amuse Bogart the chess player.
We lost Lauren Bacall this week. She was no mere woodpusher, either! In this 1951 game, she had her husband busted at several moments.

We also lost Robin Williams much too soon this week.  One of Williams's many good works was his financial support of chess in the Bay Area.