Our Philosophy

  • Chess is within everyone’s reach. Anyone can learn to play and learn to play well. You can develop as much skill as you’re willing to pursue. Struggles with chess are often the result of having learned the rules without having been shown what threats and opportunities to look for. These are easy to learn with the right teacher or coach.
  • Chess is a gym workout for the mind—part of a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle.
  • Chess is one of many skills that one can learn as an adult. A late start in life is no obstacle. Most marathoners begin distance running as adults, not when they’re 8!
  • Chess is cultural capital—the modern continuation of a tradition that goes back centuries, through court and coffeehouse, pub and park.
  • Chess offers a level playing field. Color, language and income have no power to change the rules of the game or to interfere with the choices you make on the board.
  • Chess is a universal language. If you play chess, you’re connected to a community of players around the world as well as in your own neighborhood.