Learn to Play Better Chess at Learnapalooza

"I know the rules of chess -- now what do I do?"

Too many of us learn how the pieces move and then find ourselves floundering, unaware that there are "basics beyond the basics." How do we make the move from just pushing pieces to pushing pieces with purpose? That's the subject of our one-hour Play Better Chess class at Learnapalooza, a summertime celebration of lifelong learning now in its fifth year.

Play Better Chess is aimed at novice players who know the rules of chess and not much else. We'll go over how to begin a game, how to find good moves and choose the best one, and how to finish your opponent off. After class, stick around and play, or take advantage of the many other learning opportunities available: pizza making, bookbinding, beekeeping and more.

We'll be at all three Learnapalooza sites this year: Wicker Park this Saturday, June 28; Lakeview, July 19; and Logan Square, Aug. 16. All Learnapalooza events are free -- just show up! Visit learnapaloozachi.com/classes for a list of classes and locations. (Our Wicker Park class will be held at North Avenue Day Nursery, 2001 W. Pierce Ave., at 11:30 AM; subsequent locations TBD.)

For more information on Learnapalooza, visit learnapaloozachi.com or www.facebook.com/learnapalooza.